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2022 Diabetes Holiday Gift Guide

This content originally appeared on Beyond Type 1. Republished with permission.

By Liz Cambron-Kopco

Gone are the days of gifting sugar-free candies that sit untouched until next year. This year give your loved ones with diabetes (or yourself!) a gift that can make living with diabetes a bit easier and cooler! Check out our recommendations for this holiday season.

Clothing & Accessories

Every person with diabetes (PWD) could use some fun clothing and accessories, especially ones that help keep them safe and healthy!

Health + Fitness Tech

You can help support a PWD reach their health goals by gifting them health accessories to track their progress.

  • Activity Trackers: wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit and smart watches from Apple and Garmin can even connect with some models of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)
  • Withings: health devices including smart scales, smartwatches, activity trackers, blood pressure monitors and more


Books make great gifts for everyone, including those with diabetes and the even the ones who care for them! Here is a great selection of books to gift this year!

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Classic Titles

For the Newly Diagnosed

To Manage Blood Sugar Levels When Exercising

Special Concerns

To Laugh and Feel Seen

For the young ones on your list, check out our recommendations for children’s books about living with type 1 diabetes.

Test Supplies + Subscriptions

Diabetes management requires several supplies like test strips, medical devices, and more. However, diabetes doesn’t have to be boring! Consider a gift to help personalize diabetes equipment or provide monthly supplies straight to your loved one’s home!

  • Diabetic Dabs: tiny wipes make cleaning up with after checking blood sugar levels a breeze
  • Glucose Meter and Test Strip Subscription: provide a monthly subscription of diabetes supplies from OneDrop or DiaThrive
  • CGM + Pump Stickers: personalize and decorate CGMs and insulin pumps with fun stickers from GrifGripsPumpPeelz, or ExpressionMed
  • FRIO Insulin Cooling Case: protective and cooling cases for insulin pens and vials
  • EDC Solutions: get a custom designed insulin pump case to protect and personalize your gear
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Diabetes Toys + Stickers

Every child (and adult!) can appreciate some plush toys and stickers to keep life fun while living with diabetes.

Sweets + Treats

Who doesn’t enjoy a good sweet or treat during the holidays? Yes, people with diabetes also can and should enjoy treats this holiday season!

  • Swoon: from lemonades to margarita mixers, these zero sugar drinks make a fun gift
  • Sun Basket: a healthy meal plan delivery subscription

Still haven’t found a gift for your loved one with diabetes? Consider making a donation in their name to Beyond Type 1! Donations help fund our mission to support and enhance the lives of those affected by diabetes through our various programs.

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